In times of grief, it is important for people to gather in support of each other. Every life is unique, therefore every death is unique. As we grieve, we also move towards healing and closure.

To distinguish between events, a Funeral usually occurs within a short period after passing. Usually the Reverend is the main speaker, though some may wish to say a few words or provide a reading. Whether your desires are spiritual or religious, I will work with you to develop a ceremony that is respectful and provides closure.

In contrast, a Celebration of Life Ceremony usually takes place a few weeks or even months after passing. The intention of the gathering is to bring together friends and family to share memories and stories. Often the Reverend speaks and also acts as host, introducing each person who wishes to share a story. While we share in grief, we also honor the person who has passed by awakening good memories and identifying the impact a person had on the world. I will work with you to organize an event that uplifts the attendees while bringing respectful closure.

Zoom Celebration of Life

In 2020 we are experiencing a different lifestyle due to Covid lockdowns. Many funerals only allowed a small group.

In order to address the needs of a larger group, I can organize a Celebration of Life ceremony held on the internet using Zoom. Participants require a computer with webcam, a tablet or smart phone. Throughout the event people will have the chance to share stories, offer readings of poems or touching prose. Music is uplifting, so perhaps someone may sing or play a song. We could also choose to share a particular song or video from youtube. We can also work with you to build a slide show of photographs.

Previous experiences have provided a beautiful warm afternoon event that left the guests comforted and uplifted.